Saturday, December 27, 2008

What happens when governments go mad?

What happens when the people who are in position to lead and are given so much power start to have a hysteria? This is what's happening in Zimbabwe today. Dictator Mugabe's government and militia has gone completely MAD and turned on their people. There are many killed, many dieing either because of governments genocidal actions or denial of a fast spreading cholera epidemic. Millions live in fear.

What can we do? The least we can do, and a good place to start, is to know what's going on and let it be known by spreading the word. Below is an e-mail I received which is very special and it comes from a heart far away to your heart right here and now. It's a sad story but it needs to be known so that it doesn't repeat in other places and times. Please give yourself a few minutes to think about it. He is not asking for donation or a petition or something like that. It is a genuine request for you to send good vibes and prayers in that direction. What else we can do will manifest itself when the time is right. For more information please visit

Thank you for your time and prayers.

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Letter from Zimbabwe sent in by John Winter !

I reckon that these are the last days of TKM and ZPF. The darkest hour is always before dawn.

We are all terrified at what they are going to destroy next……..I mean they are actually ploughing down brick and mortar houses and one white family with twin boys of 10 had no chance of salvaging anything when100 riot police came in with AK47’s and bulldozers and demolished their beautiful house - 5 bedrooms and pine ceilings - because it was “too close to the airport”, so we are feeling extremely insecure right now.

You know - I am aware that this does not help you sleep at night, but if you do not know - how can you help? Even if you put us in your own mental ring of light and send your guardian angels to be with us - that is a help - but I feel so cut off from you all knowing I cannot tell you what’s going on here simply because you will feel uncomfortable.

There is no ways we can leave here so that is not an option. I ask that you all pray for us in the way that you know how, and let me know that you are thinking of us and sending out positive vibes… that’s all. You can’t just be in denial and pretend/believe it’s not going on.

To be frank with you, it’s genocide in the making and if you do not believe me, read the Genocide Report by Amnesty International which says we are - IN level 7 - (level 8 is after it’s happened and everyone is in denial).

If you don’t want me to tell you these things-how bad it is—then it means you have not dealt with your own fear, but it does not help me to think you are turning your back on our situation. We need you, please, to get the news OUT that we are all in a fearfully dangerous situation here. Too many people turn their backs and say - oh well, that’s what happens in Africa.

This Government has GONE MAD and you need to help us publicize our plight— or how can we be rescued? It’s a reality! The petrol queues are a reality, the pall of smoke all around our city is a reality, the thousands of homeless people sleeping outside in 0 Celsius with no food, water, shelter and bedding are a reality. Today a family approached me, brother of the gardener’s wife with two small children. Their home was trashed and they will have to sleepoutside. We already support 8 adult people and a child on this property, and electricity is going up next month by 250% as is water.

How can I take on another family of 4 —–and yet how can I turn them away to sleep out in the open?

I am not asking you for money or a ticket out of here - I am asking you to FACE the fact that we are in deep and terrible danger and want you please to pass on our news and pictures.

So PLEASE don’t just press the delete button! Help best in the way that you know how. Do face the reality of what is going on here and help us SEND OUT THE WORD.. The more people who know about it, the more chance we have of the United Nations coming to our aid. Please don’t ignore or deny what’s happening. Some would like to be protected from the truth BUT then, if we are eliminated, how would you feel? “If only we knew how bad it really was we could have helped in some way”.[I know we chose to stay here and that some feel we deserve what's coming to us]

For now,— we ourselves have food, shelter, a little fuel and a bit of money for the next meal - but what is going to happen next? Will they start on our houses? All property is going to belong to the State now. I want to send out my Title Deeds to one of you because if they get a hold of those, I can’t fight for my rights.

Censorship!—-We no longer have SW radio [which told us everything that was happening] because the Government jammed it out of existence – we don’t have any reporters, and no one is allowed to photograph. If we had reporters here, they would have an absolute field day. Even the pro-Government Herald has written that people are shocked, stunned, bewildered and blown mindless by the wanton destruction of many folks homes, which are supposed to be ‘illegal’ but for which a huge percentage actually do have licenses.

Please! - do have some compassion and HELP by sending out the articles and personal reports so that something can/may be done.

“I am one. I cannot do everything, —but I can do something.. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do.” - Edward Everett Hale

Please send this on to everyone in your address book. We send jokes out without blinking an eyelid. We don't get told this on the news in South Africa , we only get told what they want us to hear. We all have a chance to do something, even though the something is by pressing forward to as many people as possible.

Let's stop talking and let's start doing! There is power in prayer, there is also power in more people knowing about this than you in my address book. This is going to America, Dubai, Australia, France, South Africans all over South Africa, the UK. By forwarding this to all in my address book I have done something. The world needs to know what is going on.

for more information please visit


Revision, December 29, 2008

After I posted this and forwarded the e-mail to many friends, one dear friend reminded me of something which we have to take notice of. It is mainly about this line in the above letter:

"The more people who know about it, the more chance we have of the United Nations coming to our aid."

It is true that these kind of outcries are used as reasons to invade countries, supposedly to help them. We received many such letters before the invasion of Afghanistan about the situation of women there. These last days we are being bombarded by such news from Africa, from Congo, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, etc. There surely may be some other motive in bringing these to our attention.

But on the other hand, what's happening in these countries is very real. There is genuine suffering and tyranny going on and some people try to reach out for a helping hand. In Turkey we say "that who is drowning grabs the snake", to mean that sometimes we invite hard solutions when our problems get out of hand.

Of course I do not favor, in any way, the invasion of a country to save its people from themselves. There are evidently better ways of stopping dictators as long as there is enough international force against them. This is what is lacking in these situations; the international knowledge as to what's happening there and why it is happening. A big part of Africa's suffering comes from the colonialists who still keep a stranglehold in most countries there. Most African governments would be powerless if they didn't have the support from this government or that government, sometimes represented by corporates. We have to acknowledge this.

But most important for me about this letter is the way it asks us to believe in the power of praying, thinking positive and sending good energies there. I wouldn't post it if it was just about the suffering; we know that there is so much around. And I didn't send it to make us remember Zimbabwe in particular. I sent it so that we think about these people, we pray for them and when the opportunity arrives actually help them. And these people are not the people of Zimbabwe only, it's the people of Gaza, the people of Darfur, people of Myanmar, people of North Korea, and all other people who live in fear of their leaders who are gone mad. So please do not support the UN-sponsored invasion of any country because of the line above. Know the reasons, spread the word, be wise and act when you can.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dalai Lama and Dorje Shugden

Recently I saw a documentary on some heavy religious discrimination in Tibet and the Tibetan community elsewhere. Of course this wouldn’t effect me if it was about any other religion; we know that all Abrahamic religions are very intolerant anyway. But Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism is widely pictured as the domains of peace and tolerance. I have reservations to this idea in many respects but here I’ll try to keep it simple and on the subject of Dorje Shugden.

Tibetan Buddhism is not very much a pure form of Buddhism. It is a mixture of Buddhism and many types of shamanic and cultural elements of the Tibetan culture. For example, one of primary confrontations of Buddha was against the idols, the deities and ritualism of Hinduism. But today when you go to a Tibetan Buddhist temple you’ll see many depiction of all sorts of deities and practice of very elaborate rituals. Of course this happens in other forms of Buddhism also but not as much as in Tibetan Buddhism, in my humble experience.

Dalai Lama writes about some of the cultural practices he himself follows, such as consulting oracles and contacting spirits of past Buddhas for guidance. Buddhism also doesn’t limit the person to a single practice. One can follow many teachings at the same time (which is what Dalai Lama says he also does).

But the last ten years Dalai Lama has banned the worship of a certain deity named Dorje Shugden on the basis that it is deity worship, threatens Tibetans and threatens his life! The followers of this deity has been forbidden to enter temples and monasteries and in many occasions have been wildly excommunicated from society. There are posters on the streets and ads in newspapers giving the names, addresses and photos of Dorje followers and telling others to find them and destroy them. This is a natural outcome of people trying to protect the threatened life of their Dalai Lama. On the process, many people have been beaten, many houses looted and destroyed, many people brutally forced to migrate to places where they live in daily fear of violence from other Tibetans.

This is religious intolerance in its ugliest face. And it is so chillingly ironic that this is coming from the religious monarch of a community who had to leave their homeland to shelter in India where they found religious tolerance. Dalai Lama writes great books, gives nice speeches but this ban that has been there for over ten years and caused so much suffering and violence shows very plainly that he’s not really the man of his words.

Please see the 3 part documentary made by Swiss TV on YouTube and visit some of these sites (Open letter to Dalai Lama, Dorje Shugden's site, a blog with some resources on the issue, Dalai Lama versus Dorje Shugden)

Decide for yourself and spread the word.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Belief in systems

The people who bind themselves in systems are those who are unable to encompass the whole truth and try to catch it by the tail; a system is like the tail of truth, but truth is like a lizard; it leaves its tail in your fingers and runs away knowing full well that it will grow a new one in a twinkling.

Ivan Turgenev
Quoted in Daniel J.Boorstin's The Discoverers

Changing centuries

In the nineteenth century the problem was that God is dead; in the twentieth century the problem is that man is dead. In the nineteenth century inhumanity meant cruelty; in the twentieth century it means schizoid self-alienation. The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots.

Erich Fromm, The Sane Society

Monday, September 8, 2008

The world as we know it

Knowledge is wealth.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is responsibility.

How much do you know about what you know? How much do you really want to know? Is there a limit to what you would comfortably investigate into? Where do you stop and what stops you from knowing the truth?

Not everybody is born inquisitive but we all have those areas where we are keen to know the truth. We want to know the truth about the people we know, their intentions, their feelings. We want to know the truth about our personal past and the factors that influence our personal present and future. But do we really ask the questions?

Take a 5 year old kid which asks “why?” all the time. “Why do we have to sit in the bus? But why would there be an accident? Why would the driver get distracted? Why would he look at the dog? But why would the dog jump in front of the bus?...” There is no end to this line of inquiries in a child’s mind. But when we grow up we learn to stop somewhere, when it “feels” enough. We never really ask all possible questions before we do what we do, we work with feeling. We are not that interested in literally knowing what is behind our actions. And perhaps it is not really possible.

The same applies to our surroundings and the societies we live in. We learn to demand some of the truth but since we know it is not possible, we do not ask for the whole truth. For example we ask questions like “why is this so expensive?” and “why is the tax so high?” but we are not encouraged to ask further questions like “what happens to that tax?” or “why do I have to pay taxes to feed a huge army?” As civilized people, we are educated to get the feel of where to stop. The absolute truth is not our business.

Same applies to our beliefs. Most people find comfort in some faith which is beyond questioning. They may ask “have I been a good person today?” but fail to ask “does believing in this make me a happier person?” This is a personal choice and it is fine as long as we do not let our beliefs control other peoples’ lives, which is the case with organized religions. A faith can become so strong that it stops people who want from asking questions about it.

Today we live in societies that believe in democracy and the rule of law. Laws are usually conceived to be guides to regulate our interactions in a harmonious way. It is a surprise that although our societies are neither harmonious nor healthy we still believe in the regulations which create it. We define areas for law makers and law enforcers and try not to interfere with them, since they are suppose to “serve us”. But how often do we ask who those laws really serve? And what do we do when we see a disturbing reality there?

A part of the fear of knowing comes from feeling that once you know one thing you will have to do something about it. And it is true that living a simple life, keeps our minds free of all these fears, responsibilities and guiltiness. But what happens when we are not really living a simple life and just are selective?

Today we are continuously bombarded with information claiming to be a version of the truth but we usually lack the facilities to test their value. We get news from TV and see the same story on newspapers and hear it from friends. When it’s repeated sufficiently it becomes a part of our reality, our version of truth. But we fail to see that those information gets radically filtered before it reaches us and we are shown only a fragment and usually a distorted view of the facts. As long as we rely on sources that are part of the same entity and do not use our judgment on them we remain subjects to that information tyranny. We act with willpower in our little spheres but we don’t attempt to influence the currents that effect us as a whole.

The greatest truth or the highest realization one can reach is the realization of the self. Once a person reaches that state of harmonious existence in the now, s/he also becomes pretty immune to outer influences. Its light shines to clear the darkness. We have to seek for that light which comes from within but meanwhile we are responsible to deal with the most mundane, physical aspects of reality.

We have to ask some questions no matter how disturbing they may be. We have to remember that truth can be completely different to what we are made to believe. We must not be afraid to inquire and learn of those things that have any kind of influence on us. If knowledge is power, we have to reclaim that power.

If we believe in change and that we are somewhat responsible to have a positive influence on it, then it is our responsibility to help spread the truth and reveal what is not. We can purify the ocean of illusions one drop at a time. It’s up to us.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Internet neutrality
Are we loosing free internet?

Since it’s first applications in 1989, internet has grown very rapidly and created a completely new media where anyone can publish or share any content without the approval of a third party. We have stared to experience a new way of freedom of expression. But this may soon change if we do not act consciously.

During the early days of printing technology, the cost of publishing a newspaper was low and there were many individual or small scale publications in circulation. When this cost was raised dramatically, newspapers became a one way medium, carrying news from big media companies to readers. There was no longer space for contributions by everyone. In the early days of radio, lots of individuals were broadcasting and there were many independent radios. The number of talk radios permitted everyone’s voices to be heard by others. But once commercial radios came into being, the new laws permitted only a chosen few radio stations to use these frequencies and this was the end of free radios. People lost their ability to create radios and it too became a one directional media.

In both cases there was an initial explosion of interaction which threatened the interests of certain groups which reacted and changed the whole scene. Now the same is about to happen for the internet.

Internet neutrality is under attack from powerful industries which want to shape it to their advantage. The way they are planning to do this is through your internet connection. At the moment the newest internet connection technology is by fiber optic cables. Telephone companies connect your home or office with fiber optic cables to their center and from there to the internet. But this time they want to be in control of the ways you can use it. Even more, they want to limit your access to certain sites they choose and ask you to pay for the content you want to view.

The future internet may look like this (click to view)

The same media corporations who dominate newpapers, radio and television channels now want to monopolize the internet and it is not that hard if the users do not react to their service providers’ restrictions. They want to turn internet into another one-way process like TV where they will supply the content and you will buy it from them. When we remember that today 60% of all material on the internet is provided by individuals, we can see that the new internet they plan will be nothing like the free internet we have now.

To stop this we have to be aware and we have to show our reaction. Please visit the sites Net Neutrality 101, and Google Guide to Net Neutrality. See Humanity Lobotomy on YouTube where I took most of this information from. Read Net Neutrality: Fiction vs Facts (PDF file). Spread the word, let your friends know. Let’s help to keep internet free.

Life of Pee

I liked that book The Life of Pi but I found a disturbing mistake in it. In the survival manual Pi reads on the boat it is written that one should never drink pee in survival conditions. The truth is that in most survival manuals, military or civilian, it is mentioned that if you don’t have any water to drink you can survive for 40 days just by drinking pee, that is recycling.

I have been talking about this and giving some lectures about it for many years. For me the most striking thing about the qualities of pee is that it is so readily available yet its use has become almost a taboo. When a friend told me for the first time that one of our guests in my house drank a cup of her own pee everyday I just said "oh these freaks, I hope she doesn’t drink it out of my cups”. But I came across so much information, written or not, through the years that now I’m very thankful to that first person.

Before we start, I want you to ask yourself a few questions and check out how much you really know about it, and how much of this knowledge is reasonable. What is urine? What does it consist of? Is it dirty? Does it contain microbes, bacteria, other bad organisms? Where did you learn about these things? Is there anything else that you have contact with so often yet you know so little about?

Urine mostly consists of water, minerals and other things which are filtered from blood by the kidneys. It is later stored in the bladder which is just a kind of hollow muscle and is discharged through the small intestines. It’s mostly water but also contains urea, minerals, hormones, antibodies, and other stuff that is in excess in our blood circulation. It does not contain any microorganisms or such nasty stuff (unless there is a kidney or urinary track infection (UTI) or typhus). Bladder itself is a sterile environment, therefore urine is also usually cleaner than the cleanest water you can find to sterilize things. That’s why it was used as injection liquid until less than a hundred years ago (yes, you can mix medicine with pee and inject it with no side effects or risks). The mineral content of urine changes with our diet and other factors but in a healthy individual it is pretty similar to that of a bottle of mineral soda.

One common mistake we make while thinking of pee is to compare it with shit. We think “they are refuses of the body so they must be dirty” (and we know shit is dirty). Here is the difference. When we eat, our stomach starts the digestion and the process goes on in the guts and the excess or useless stuff turns into shit, which is like the pulp of fruit juice. The nutrition in the food goes into our bloodstream and carried to various parts of our body to be used by our cells. Blood carries all sorts of things and is regularly filtered by the kidneys. What is in excess or is no more needed in the bloodstream is filtered out in the kidneys. So if you can lick your blood when you cut your finger, you are already halfway to tasting your urine.

Another thing is about the smell and the looks. Doesn’t the offensive smell of urine mean that it is not to be touched? Of course all organic things are subject to decay and with urine also the oxidation process starts as soon as urine contacts with air. If you pee in a plate or a toilet bowl and let it stay for a long time it starts to stink as it turns to ammonia when it contacts with oxygen. This is the smell that you remember from public toilets. When you pee on a surface which dries quickly, there is still some smell but it is rather different. You may test this and see for yourself. And also most of the repulsiveness of the smell of pee comes from conditioning we received as a child during our toilet education (“when you feel it you have to say it because pee is d-i-r-t-y, you do it in the potty”)

Nature has given us many tools but some of them we are more and more alienated with. This was not always like it is now. Just like we knew more about natural medicine, we also knew more about urine before. Perhaps you have heard the use of or even used pee after a bee sting. This is because the astringency of pee helps the tissues to contract and keep the poison local rather than sending it into the blood stream. This can be utilized in all sorts of stings including scorpion, mosquito and jellyfish stings. But there are many other traditional uses of pee. For example, did you ever wonder how the ancient Romans kept their white clothes so white. They had pee containers on the streets where the pee from households and public toilets would be gathered. The laundry people would gather everyone’s clothes, soak them in that stinky pee for some time and than rinse them in the river. This is because the same mineral salts in the urine helps the cloth fibers to expand. It is the same principle as the detergent salts and it can also be used for dyeing fabric (instead of alum salt). Another use of pee was as yeast. Although I haven’t tested this myself, couple of sources mention that it was used in certain bread and cheese recipes in Europe. In some tribal cultures which has the tradition of using hallucinogens, sometimes it was only the shaman who ate the mushroom. S/he neutralized the poison in his/her body and the tribe drank his/her pee to get only the good effects of the mushrooms (documented in Siberian tribes and the use of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms).

Before I start to tell about the traditional medicinal uses of pee I want to remind you about the exceptions. If you have any sort of infection in your kidneys, bladder or small intestines (UTI), if you have typhus (which is the only disease that can be passed through urine) or diabetes, or if you cannot take your urine in its purity (i.e. if you are menstruating) then you better not attempt to use it internally. Also you have to be careful what you eat. You shouldn’t use it if you are taking chemical medicines because the excess of chemicals are also filtered in the urine and you can overdose yourself by recycling it. This applies to other chemicals that are around us, additives in food, alcohol, pollution and even meats. So if you intend to use urine internally it is a very good idea to keep a simple controlled diet which is mostly vegetarian and take no chemicals (and you will see that once you start to observe your pee everyday, you will want to keep a healthy diet).
The most important known use of urine is its medicinal use. The earliest text we find about this is an early Indian text called Shivambu Kalpa in Damar Tantra. Shivambu is the Sanskrit name for urine and it means the Water of Transformation (or, as some like to put it, “nectar of immortality”). According to this source, one has to drink a cup of his/her own midstream urine every morning. Midstream means that you do not take the first part of the urine (which just rinses the intestine) and the last part which may have some more solid residues from the bottom of the bladder. You only take the middle part of the first pee in the morning. And drink it. I know it won’t be easy at first. If it’s too hard you can mix it with some water or for a few days you can just keep it in your mouth and spit it out. Do not try to swallow anything that nauseates you. It is better to familiarize yourself with it first.

I found out that one of the best things about using pee is observing what is going on inside. You pee in a glass and look at it. Is it clear or blurred (which can be just too much urea, too much meat products or UTI)? Is it dark or like water? If it is very salty it means that you should drink some more water (this is the case in hot climates when you loose much water through sweating). Sometimes there is a strange color to it which may be the artificial coloring of that ice cream you had the day before. You can even taste the additives of a chewing gum in your pee. If there is even a little bit sweetness in your urine, it means your body cannot metabolize sugars and this is the easiest way to diagnose diabetes. In fact, before the modern tests were invented, doctors usually would just taste a little bit of the patient’s urine to see if s/he has diabetes. Certain herbs and vegetables change urine. Asparagus gives a very strong smell and beetroot makes it darker. When I started to use it first time, I discovered that drinking nutmeg before bed added a delicious aroma to my morning urine and made it very appealing. You can find your favorite flavoring through testing or just mixing a spoon of honey in it (although on the long run it’s better to have it plain).

The Damar Tantra goes on to state that if you do this for a year your immune system is greatly improved. If you do this everyday for longer you become immune to most diseases and poisons. And at the end of a long list it says if you do it for over 12 years you become immortal (almost)! At one time India had the world’s oldest elected prime minister, Morarji Desai, who was 94 years old when he took office. When he was asked how he can keep his mind so active being so old he said that his secret is drinking his pee every morning since he was a little kid.

Mannekin Pis in Brussels
Indian medicine Ayurveda states that the best pee for
medicinal use is the one taken from a very young boy.

There are some western doctors who successfully used urine for the treatment of life threatening conditions such as tuberclosis and cancer. In J.W. Armstrong’s book Water of Life: A treatise on Urine Therapy he describes a technique which consists of putting the patient into a complete fast and making him/her drink all the urine, day or night, while also massaging the body with urine.

There is not a completely scientific explanation to how it works. We know that urine contains excesses and recycling them can help. For example, when you eat an orange most of the vitamin C gets filtered into the urine after less then 3 hours. If you drink that urine you make the protection of the vitamin longer. Same applies for other things like antibodies. When you are sick, drink your urine and some of your body’s soldiers will go back to fighting while your body can create only a certain amount of soldiers in a certain time. Some people argue that antibodies would not survive the digestion process, but at least their ingredients do. Some tribes in Siberia have the tradition of mixing their urine and drinking together to share everyone’s immunity as a tribe. When you get a sample of the antibody of someone who is sick, your body will be prepared before the actual sickness reaches it. Excess hormones also go into pee and that’s why you should observe yourself better if you drink it while you are having PMS. This is also the reason why you should cut down on animal products while drinking urine.

Honestly I do not drink my pee all the time because I am not that much of a master of my diet when I travel and I also forget to do it in the sleepiness of the morning. But there are other medicinal uses of pee that you can test and see for yourself. Here are some I have personal experience with.

- For the eyes: I don’t think there is a better medicine for the dryness or the inflammation of the eyes. My eyes are very sensitive to inflammation and conjunctivitis (the itchy white eruptions on the side of the eyelid) and I have tried all sorts of things from garlic to modern creams. Nothing helps better than pee. Take some clean pee (not necessarily morning pee) in your hand or in a spoon and give your eyes a good wash with it few times a day. This way conjunctivitis just grows and explodes very quickly and there is usually no further infection. I have helped many people successfully use it this way and it seems to work each time. Pee and tears have similar amounts of minerals and when your eyes are dry you can wet them with pee. You may need to dilute it if it is too salty. You can even use it instead of contact lens liquid but after a few days the salts in pee can damage your lenses.

- Use it on all wounds. When you cut yourself or are bitten, stung, etc. just cover the wound with pee and let it dry there. It will not only disinfect it, it will also help it to heal faster. I have survived some nasty injuries in India without getting infected just by using urine. But once it is infected you may need to use other things. You can also turn it into a fine antiseptic cream by evaporating its water. You have do it quickly but do not let it boil. It makes a nice golden cream and only a little quantity is enough.

- It is great on the skin. Wash your face with it, let it dry and stretch your skin, letting all the black holes pop out and clean the pores. The first time I did this, I was afraid that people would realize it but when they did they just said “wow, what happened to you? You look younger today.” It’s true, it does make you look younger and it’s cheaper and healthier than botox.

- Use it on your hair. They say you can keep it for a few days in a closed container and it will make a better shampoo but the smell can be too intense. Either way it makes the hair very silky and helps dissolve all the dirt without using any shampoo.

- If your respiratory system is clogged you can gurgle with it and take some into your nose. Even just keeping some in your mouth will help you discharge all the mucus you do not need.

- For receding gums and sores inside the mouth (e.g. herpes) rinse your mouth with urine few times a day (not necessarily morning urine) and let it stay for sometime before you wash it with water. This will harden the loosened tissues.

And you know that in emergencies when you don’t have any water to drink, just recycle the whole thing, do not waste a drop of your pee. After all, that’s what they do in space :)

Do not believe in anything I say. Try it and see for yourself. You do not have to apply it right now but you may need it one day. And please share this knowledge with your friends and family.


Here are some resources if you want to learn more about using urine. Here is a free e-book by Dr G.K.Thakkar, Shivambu Gita (PDF file). He seems to have many books in circulation about this subject. One book I found particuarly simple and useful is the Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon. And here are some websites: A complete guide to urine therapy, miracles of urine therapy, healing with urine therapy (this one lists other sources and books).

Does what you say on facebook really stay on facebook?

You must have realized how much information we get about people on facebook. Apart from reuniting with my primary school friends after 25 years, I also know what they have done since then, which tastes they developed and who they hang out with. All this is quite nice but what if me and my friends are not the only people getting all this information?

I know many people, including me, is very grateful to facebook for reconnecting with long lost friends and making messaging and sharing stuff somewhat simpler. It really reflects the spirit of the age: have hundreds of facebook “friends”, invite them for a game of poker or put them on friends for sale, send them good karma with just a click. But never really contact them for anything substantial. Perhaps I’m a bit old style and I still write long e-mails on my facebook but this is also disappearing slowly. Facebook defines a new kind of messaging which is between e-mail and mobile phone texting.

But there is another side to this. I know that most people do not read the privacy policies but they contain some interesting information. For example on facebook, by saying “I agree” to the privacy policy we give them the right to share our information with other companies for advertising or other purposes. These “other purposes” includes legal purposes and commercial data mining. Apparently you can choose not to share your information but there is no evidence or guarantee that this request is honored. This adds on the surveillance we are already subject to and everyday there are people investigating other people through facebook and other social networking sites; schoolmasters checking on students, police looking for army objectors, etc. There are plenty of news about this.

The privacy policy states “Facebook also collects information about you from other sources, such as newspapers and instant messaging services. This information is gathered regardless of your use of the Web Site. We use the information about you that we have collected from other sources to supplement your profile ...” This means once we create a facebook profile they gather info and investigate us even when we do not use their services. This is a very Orwellian thing. Every fascist government wants to have a comprehensive file about each of its subjects and with facebook we are volunteering for this. According to the facebook agreement, the information and material we put there are still in their property even after we delete them.

If you are too lazy like me and 89% of facebook users to read the privacy policy, I recommend you to take a look at this research paper on facebook threats to privacy. It made me say “what? really?” a few times while reading. There is also a very interesting presentation which shows who is in charge of this information collecting project called facebook. It claims that the main US national security agencies are behind it.

If you are using facebook, do it wisely and do not put information you do not want to share with everyone. You won’t know who is getting it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?

The first time I heard about HIV/AIDS connection being a lie, I thought some people were trying too hard to find conspiracies everywhere. But I’ve been coming across much material during the last 8 years and I have to admit some of them make very good sense. I am not a doctor but I know that it is not very wise to leave our health completely in the hands of professional doctors. There are far more medical scandals than it takes to be suspicious of modern doctors. So we have to judge things by ourselves. In the last 8 years I have come across many books, some websites, listened to radio interviews, saw videos and talked to many people about the HIV/AIDS story. Here is what I find pretty possible at this moment.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) exists. Nobody has any doubt about it. It is a condition which causes a person’s immune system to collapse to the point that it attacks itself. What is questionable is the relation between HIV and AIDS. Is AIDS caused by a virus? Is it a transmittable disease? To answer this we have to start from the very beginning.

During the ‘70s there were many medical institutions hopefully conducting research for a cure for cancer. They have developed some medicine that would kill most cancer cells but as a side effect would also kill the patients. One of these drugs was called AZT and the side effects were so bad that it was soon banned. The cancer research came to a relative standstill after the development of what we cal chemo-therapy today. Some cancer research institutions lost their grants and they started to stop operations.

In the meantime the use of “illegal” drugs were on a very quick rise in the west after the Vietnam War. There were all sorts of new drugs, the full effects of which were not really known. The generation that was born after the second world war and fed with all sorts of poisonous pesticides, chemical fertilizers and food additives were now being given heavy drugs.

The first people who showed symptoms of total immune system crash were some men from the San Francisco gay community. They were all habitual users of a drug known as puppers. This drug was common in the gay community and was known to directly kill immune cells.

And then there was Dr. Gallo, a medical doctor who was once banned from the profession because of fraud and who later "discovered" HIV and made a fortune with 47 AIDS-related patents he’s still holding. He and his colleagues took blood samples from 6 men with AIDS, mixed it with some cancer blood and added some chemicals. This caused a reaction which created an anti-body which they named HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus. By this procedure they never isolated a virus, they only found an antibody. Before they published any research showing the link between HIV and AIDS they started selling HIV test kits. Dr. Gallo never said HIV is the cause of AIDS, he said it is the “probable” cause of AIDS.

Antibodies are our bodies’ reaction to intruders. When we catch a virus our bodies react by creating the antibody particularly suited to fight that virus. Certain different reasons may result in the same antibody being created. Doing this is the responsibility of our immune system. When the immune system is disrupted it either fails to react to intruders or attacks the body itself. The immune system is kept running by the food we take and is pretty sensitive to toxins. Taking drugs (legal or illegal), having an unhealthy diet lacking in certain nutrients and starvation can create the collapse of the immune system.

After their theory about AIDS being a viral disease, the same institutions which had failed in cancer research started to work on a cure for AIDS. As a possible cure they re-started giving AZT to patients. Today most of the symptoms of AIDS are exactly the symptoms of the side effects of AZT. The medical industry completely fell in love with this new epidemic and started making big money selling HIV test kits and poisonous drugs all around the world. Same chemical companies which are responsible for most of the toxins in our food, water and air started to cover the consequences of this with the perfect epidemic.

If there were no viruses causing AIDS there would be no tests and no drugs, we would only need to change our lifestyles and habits. But that wouldn’t be profitable for the corporates. Some completely new standards were developed solely for HIV – AIDS connection. For example, in medical test kits, there are solutions which have to be diluted 3-4 times to give results. In HIV tests, the kits are so potent that it has to be diluted 400 times, or else everyone tests positive. This is one reason why there are so many people in Africa who test positive. The HIV test is the only test in the world, in which you can test positive in one country and negative in another. Of course, there is AIDS in Africa because of malnutrition and other reasons but it is not a viral, transmittable disease. And you can test HIV+ even when you do not carry HIV if you have one of 64 conditions ranging from flu, tuberculosis, malaria and hepatitis to rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy.

During the 70s and 80s the Nestle company killed hundreds of thousands babies in Africa by “educating” mothers that their breast milk is not good enough for their babies and that they have to use the baby food formulas. Many babies died when they contracted diseases from the water the formulas were prepared with (in Africa, traditionally babies are not given any extra liquids apart from breast milk). When the babies got sick they couldn’t restart breast-feeding because their milk had dried and in most cases they couldn’t afford to go on with the baby food formula. Many of the surviving babies later died because of undeveloped immune systems due to lack of breast feeding. Today there is a similar scenario being staged in Africa. When a mother tests HIV positive she’s immediately cut from breast-feeding her babies, which in turn creates more people with deficient immune systems likely to develop AIDS.

After we have all been scared that “in so many years half the world will have AIDS” we realized that it is not at all spreading in the predicted speed. In fact it’s spread is similar to the spread of HIV tests. With the fear campaign, medical companies invite everyone to take the test and recruit more patients to sell their drugs to. The theory that it was a sexually transmittable disease (STD) came to be highly unlikely in the light of the spread statistics and some recent research. There were some researches conducted on couples in Africa and in the west over ten years to see how sexually transmittable HIV was. Normally the likelihood of passing an STD during a single sexual intercourse is 40-60%. In the case of a man who has tested HIV+ having sexual intercourse with a woman, the chances of HIV passing on to her is 1 in 1.000, which is one chance of getting “infected” in over 6 years if you are making love 3 times a week. In the case of a woman passing HIV to a man, the chances are 1 in 10.000, which is a once in a lifetime chance. These researches show that HIV is not sexually transmittable as we are commonly made to believe.

And then there is the drug market. There are 3 companies that hold the patents of all AIDS medicines worldwide and they keep their prices unreasonably high which in turn becomes a huge burden on the economies of growing countries in Africa and elsewhere. In 2007 when a pharmaceutical company from Thailand refused to produce a much cheaper alternative to the imported AIDS medicines, Thailand was held responsible in World Trade Organization for patent violations but later won the court case which made it possible to first time produce cheap AIDS medicines. The attitude of the WTO on the face of a pandemic effecting tens of millions of people shows what is at stake in the AIDS business. South African president Thabo Mbeki became the first world leader to call for a proper research to the causes of AIDS and declared that Africa is being held in a questionable economic grip by the pharmaceutical companies.

Today HIV and AIDS almost always pronounced together as HIV/AIDS as if they are so closely related. But it is very well known fact that not all people who test HIV+ have AIDS and almost 40% of the people with AIDS have normally functioning immune systems. Many people who refuse to take the deadly AIDS medicines, go on with their lives and in some cases be completely healed by natural medicines. AIDS is not the end of the road unless you are already very sick but the AIDS medicine can be.

Because the field of AIDS is so foggy, there are also quite a few other theories which you may like to consider. One of them which is in circulation for quite a while draws attention to the act that US government was spending hundreds of millions of dollars for biologic weapons during the 15 years before the discovery of AIDS and Dr.Gallo was a project officer for Bionetics Inc. which was responsible for the research. Their target as stated in earlier documents is to create a virus the definition of which is very similar to the definition of HIV. Another theory sees the whole scam as a conspiracy to suppress homosexual and African people. There are few other pieces of pretty interesting information out there in case you want to discover the issue from all sides.

We are responsible to educate ourselves and spread the word of truth. On this site you can find some resources on the truth about AIDS and also here. You can see an award winning film on this issue titled The Other Side of AIDS - How positive are you? There is an informative interview on Radio CII website (part 1, part 2, mp3 format, 41 min. total). These books are worth reading (1, 2, 3)

We have to take responsibility for our own health and educate ourselves properly before accepting any point of view on issues concerning our health. This is just an attempt to inspire personal research on such issues.

May all beings be healthy.


I’m not a doctor or have any education in the field of modern medicine. I also do not have personal experience with the above mentioned sickness. What I suggest here should be no reason for anyone to not to consider professional assistance. If you suspect you have any sickness (e.g. AIDS) it is up to you to choose the course of action to heal yourself. What I am suggesting here is not to refuse modern medicine on this issue but to have a more holistic view on the subject. May you always be well and happy.

9/11 - Part 2
What’s going on?

Outrageous and hard to believe as it may seem that some people can play around with the lives of millions, it has happened before and it is happening now.

With the end of cold war the military/monetary complex started to loose power and they have been searching for a new war for over a decade. Some of them called it War Without End, as a part of the New World Order. The only thing missing was a “catalyzing event, a new Pearl Harbor,” a strong new enemy that could not be easily beaten. 9/11 supplied this. Terrorists were created all over the world and so there was good reason to make war where ever there were “terrorists”.

After many decades it has been made public that the reason for USA going to war in Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin incident) was fabricated and the events that carried USA into both world wars (Lucitania and Pearl Harbor) are still cloudy issues. Yet there are people who ask the question whether a government (US government in this case) can kill thousands of their own people to create a reason for war. But that is exactly what’s been happening. We know that the Nazis burnt their own parliament Reichstag and successfully put the blame on the opposition; history repeats in 9/11. Right after the attacks US government passed neo-fascistic laws such as the Homeland Security Bill and Rendition (which is carrying supposed terrorists to other countries to be tortured). They opened the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility where they keep people without any legal rights. Since then the culture of fear has been on a rapid rise. After 9/11, USA invaded two countries and caused the death of millions of civilians. The weapons manufacturers have been selling more weapons than they did during the cold war years. Anywhere on earth you are more likely to be seen as a terrorist then ever before.

So what would happen if one day the people of USA also recognize 9/11 attacks as the inside job they were? What would be the consequences? David Ray Griffin from the 9/11 Truth Movement made a speech Sept 14, 2006 in Copenhagen asking for European help in revealing the truth. “[Our political, military leaders and the mass media argue that] exposing the truth about 9/11 might lead to a crisis of confidence that would lead to consequences which are worse than letting the perpetrators of 9/11 get away with it... A crisis of confidence for the institutions of the world’s most powerful nation could lead to a global meltdown...[Although this may well be true,] there is only one thing that would be worse: continuing to have the truth about 9/11 concealed.” He goes on to explain how the world is facing an environmental crisis while we are made to keep our focus entirely on human to human interactions. “Apart from the revelation of truth about 9/11, there is little chance that the present trajectory of US policy with its threat to the survival of civilization itself will change.” He argues “The US government has been The major impediment to a solution to both of these problems. Since 9/11 the US government has become even more dangerous, ridiculing global warming, while practicing an extreme version of double standard in relation to nuclear technology, allowing all our friends to have nuclear weapons while denying to enemies even the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, while at the same time strengthening our own nuclear arsenal and even planning to put nuclear weapons in space.” (You can find the video of this speech here.)

Today this issue of 9/11 is being emotionalized just like the holocaust and zionism. Once you open your mouth to say anything against the official scenario, there appear some people who say you are a supporter of terrorists, anti-American, a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase. This is a common technique to suppress the opposition and it has been successfully used in the past. The more we cave in to this attitude and help the truth remain hidden, we are bound to face further nightmarish events.

It is time to speak out. Please help spread the word. Let truth set us free.


I know that you already heard about this and most likely you know that the demolition of WTO towers in September 11, 2001 was planned and staged not by Arab terrorists but by people within the U.S. government. You may also have felt that the theory that some Arab terrorists fresh out of aviation courses, hijacked planes with box cutters and caused the collapse of 3 huge steel buildings due to fire, a bit too far fetched. But just in case there are still some people who believe in everything they see on TV, I want to play my part in helping the truth be known.

Please keep in mind that if there is a conspiracy, if there is a group of people working in the making of these events, they planned them as pieces of one big scenario. So, if we can prove
that one of the four plane crashes, 3 buildings being hit and 3 WTC buildings completely collapsing are a part of a conspiracy, we can say that the other events were part of the same plan. (WTC Building 7 is the clearest nonsense of the official scenario.) [This argument is taken from the film 911 In Plane Site.]

There are hundreds of websites and great many films giving solid scientific proof that the official theory is just a scam. You can do the search yourself by googling the words “9/11 truth”. Here I want to summarize some points from the 9/11 Research website.

Accepting the official story of the 9/11/01 attack requires one to accept a long series of anomalies -- extremely improbable events, amazing coincidences, and contradictions. Here are some:

[Before the attacks:]

- United Airlines and American Airlines stocks rose to four and 25 times normal levels in the days preceding the attack.

- The alleged hijackers partied at topless bars and drank alcohol, despite being portrayed as fundamentalist Muslims, for whom such behavior would be surprising, to say the least. [They even left a Qoran in one of the bars!]

- No video of any of the 19 hijackers at any of the three originating airports of the four flights has been made public, except for a video allegedly showing hijackers of Flight 77.

- The originating airport for Flights 11 and 175 was Boston Logan instead of any of several airports near New York City. This created about 40 minutes of exposure to interception for each flight.

- At least six of the alleged hijackers have turned up alive since the attack.

[The Attacks:]

- None of the four flight crews radioed Air Traffic Control about hijackings in progress. None of them punched in the four-digit hijacking code. And none of them were able to stop the alleged hijackers, in spite of several of the pilots being Vietnam veterans.

- No public evidence indicates that the remains of any of the hijackers was identified at any of the crash sites. [But a passport of one hijacker was found intact and unburnt among the pulverized debris of the towers.]

- None of the contents of any of the black boxes have been made public.

- None of the alleged hijackers were good pilots, yet the three buildings were hit with phenomenal precision.

- The FAA took 18 minutes to report Flight 11's loss of communication and deviation from its flight plan and 39 minutes to report Flight 77's deviation from its flight plan.

- Despite NORAD's having received formal notification of the first hijacking at 8:38, no interceptors were scrambled from Andrews to protect the nearby Pentagon until after it was hit at 9:37

- The two F-15s scrambled from Otis AFB to chase Flight 11 flew at an average of 447 mph, about 23.8% of their top speed of 1875 mph. The two F-16s scrambled from Langley to protect the capital flew at an average of 410.5 mph, about 27.4% of their top speed of 1500 mph.

- The two F-15s scrambled from Otis AFB to protect Manhattan could have reached the capital in 9.6 minutes once they arrived over New York City. That was still 34 minutes before the Pentagon was hit.

[Twin Towers:]

- The South Tower was struck 17 minutes after the North Tower, and in a less damaging manner, and it had less severe fires, yet it collapsed 29 minutes before the North Tower. It's core structure was largely undamaged by the off-centered jet impact, unlike the North Tower, yet it collapsed sooner.

- Firefighters reached the crash zone of the South Tower and calmly described controllable fires.

- Both towers fell straight down, through themselves, following the path of maximum resistance, a behavior never before observed in spontaneous collapses of any type of vertical structure. [And North Tower collapsed even faster than free fall, in 8.1 seconds instead of 9.2 seconds if there were no resistance at all!]

- The collapses of both towers exhibited features never otherwise seen except in controlled demolitions: sudden onset accompanied by thunderous bangs, visible explosions ringing their perimeters, energetic ejections of dust at regular intervals, and copious production of dust.

[Building Number 7 (the third shorter building which collapsed in the afternoon) :]

- Building 7 experienced total collapse, allegedly because of fires, when no steel-frame building before or since has ever collapsed, totally or even partially, due to fires. Building 7 was an over-engineered 47-story steel-frame skyscraper, standing over 350 feet from the nearest of the Twin Towers. Public evidence documents only small fires in it on September 11th.

- Building 7 collapsed into a remarkably small rubble pile of mostly pulverized remains, when no steel building falling for any reason has ever pulverized itself. [No fires were reported in this building until 5 hours after the other towers collapsed and fall of the building shows all signs of a controlled demolition.]

- Building 7 contained a 15-million-dollar emergency command center, but instead of using it for its ostensible purpose, then-Mayor Giuliani evacuated his team to a makeshift command center as soon as the September 11th attack started. This emergency command center was destroyed along with the rest of the building, even though it was constructed as a bomb-hardened shelter.

- The remains of Building 7 were rapidly removed and the steel recycled, evidently without any on-site and only extremely limited off-site examination. The rapid disposal operation proceeded despite the fact that no one was believed buried in the rubble, and the tidy rubble pile was not blocking adjacent roads.


- The 9:37 strike of Pentagon was well over an hour after the first signs of a hijacking and 34 minutes after the South Tower strike confirmed that an attack was underway.

- The Pentagon is within 11 miles of Andrews Air Force Base, which apparently had two combat-ready fighter wings on 9/11/01 and the attack plane was monitored on radar as it approached the capital.

- The spiral dive approach to the Pentagon was such an extreme maneuver that experienced air traffic controllers thought it was a military jet. The tree-top final approach skimmed objects in the yard and crashed the plane into the first floor of the building. Experienced pilots have wondered if any human pilot could have executed the maneuver. Yet Hani Hanjour, the supposed hijacker pilot of that flight was considered incompetent by his flight school instructors, and was denied rental of a single-engine plane.

- Video recordings from adjacent businesses were seized by the FBI shortly after the attack and have never been seen since. The only two video segments (two squares) that have been released by the Pentagon from all the security cameras that monitor its periphery fail to clearly shows the attack aircraft.

- Eyewitnesses reported the smell of cordite which is an explosive used in controlled demolitions.

[Death Toll:]

- The death toll of the attack, though horrific, was much lower than it would have been if not for numerous aspects of target selection and timing.

- Flights 11, 175, 77, and 93 were only at 51%, 31%, 20%, and 16% occupancy, respectively.

- The towers were attacked before most people had arrived, and were hit high enough to allow most people to escape.

- In Pentagon, 125 people were killed in a building with 20,000 people and no high-level Pentagon officials were killed in the attack.

[The Official report:]

- FEMA was given the sole authority to investigate the collapses even though it is not an investigative agency. The investigative team assembled by FEMA consisted of unpaid volunteers. The investigators were not allowed access to Ground Zero neither they were provided with the blueprints of the buildings.

- FEMA's report states the causes of the collapse "remain unknown at this time". (By the time the report was released the steel had been entirely disposed of.) The fact that Building 7 (supposedly) failed in a way that contradicts 100 years of engineering experience makes it the largest and least understood structural failure in history.

- The 9/11 Commission Report failed to even mention the existence of Building 7 and the core structures of Twin Towers.

I also strongly recommend the films 9/11 Coincidences (downloadable in 10 parts here on YouTube) and 911 In Plane Site . You can see 47 different films made on 9/11 deception here. 9/11 Truth Movement has this good website with recent updates. The Great Illusion is a great little booklet that summarizes the whole plot.

I have to end this with a story of our great Sufi Nasruddin Hodja:

Nasruddin Hodja one day went into a garden, pulled up some carrots and turnips and other kinds of vegetables, which he found, putting some into a sack and some into his bosom; suddenly the gardener coming up, laid hold of him, and said, 'What are you seeking here?' The Hodja, being in great consternation, not finding any other reply, answered, 'For some days past a great wind has been blowing, and that wind blew me hither.' 'But who pulled up these vegetables?' said the gardener. 'As the wind blew very violently,' replied the Hodja, 'it cast me here and there, and whatever I laid hold of in the hope of saving myself remained in my hands.' 'Ah,' said the gardener, 'but who filled the sack with them?' 'Well,' said the Hodja, 'that is the very question I was about to ask myself when you came up.'

What does a man need?

What does a man need — really need? A few pounds of food each day, heat and shelter, six feet to lie down in, and some form of working activity that will yield a sense of accomplishment. That’s all — in the material sense. And we know it. But we are brainwashed by our economic system until we end up in a tomb beneath a pyramid of time payments, mortgages, and preposterous gadgetry, playthings that divert our attention from the sheer idiocy of the charade.

Sterling Hayden


YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM. You have perhaps seen it already, then just tell all your friends about it. Spread the word. You can see the film and download it on the site (about 2 hrs). The parts which were cut out from this version can be found on YouTube.

The film is made up of 3 parts. The first part is called The Greatest Story Ever Told and is on Christianity and how religion is being used to control people. In my opinion, the film would fare better without this part, which is too far fetched for most people and full of claims which are impossible to prove. Although I agree that religion is a tool to control the masses, some of the conspiracy claims here are pretty outrageous.

The second part is called All The World’s A Stage and is about 9/11. Although it deals very briefly with some incredible things we are asked to believe, it makes it very clear how dramatic the current situation being created by this propaganda stunt is. Along with current commentary, it cites some hisoric cases of false flag operations and the rise of fascism. It reveals how strong the propaganda machine has become in the passing decades.

The third part is titled Don’t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain and tells about money and power, how we are made to pay taxes to supply weapons for wars, and the greater conspiracy in general. For me, it has been great to see this knowledge become so public that money is an illusion created (i.e. printed) by some power hungry people to enslave the rest. It tells what central banks and taxes are about and how we are being pacified by the interest rates.

In the last part there is a very good wish to approach these issues with love and remember who we are, that we are one and we are powerful. It cites Sri Chinmoy Ghose "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace". It is very important that we don’t fight against the war because this puts us in the same position. We also must not despair and ruin our future with negative fantasies. We have the choice now between fear and love.

The film ends with the words The Revolution is Now which is the title of the sequel, Part IV: The Revolution Is Now which is supposed to be out October 2, 2008.

It is up to you to judge which of the claims make sense and which don’t but please spare a couple of hours and see this great film Zeitgeist and feel responsible to tell your friends about it. Spread the word. Let truth be known.

The Conspiracy Theory about Iran and Israel

Conspiracy theories are not always created by individuals. Sometimes governments -with the help of mass media- use conspiracy theories to convince the public that they have to take a certain course of action. One famous conspiracy theory of this type was that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) which were threatening Israel and the West. Today a very similar conspiracy theory is being developed about Iran. According to this theory, Iran, which says they are seeking a new energy source by constructing nuclear power plants is in reality seeking nuclear weapons. This theory is already being used to plant American missiles in Eastern Europe as a part of a missile defense shield. According to this theory, we are made to believe that Iranian prime minister Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wants to destroy Israel. The way things are going, if people do not wake up and see the truth behind this, it won’t be surprising if we hear a similar theory about Syria soon (in fact there are already news about a Syria – North Korea cooperation).

Today the main argument for “stopping Iran” from enriching uranium –supposedly for nuclear missiles- is that Ahmedinejad said that he wants to wipe Israel off the map (so “we cannot let him have those weapons”). Most of us take this as truth without a second thought because it is repeated over and over in the media. And it is being used as a pretext as a possible war against Iran. But is it true?

Here are some clippings from the website Information Clearing House (formatting and text in square brackets are mine):

Does Iran's president want Israel wiped off the map?
Does he deny the holocaust?

To raze Israel to the ground, to batter down, to destroy, to annihilate, to liquidate, to erase Israel, to wipe it off the map - this is what Iran's President demanded - at least this is what we read about or heard of at the end of October 2005. Spreading the news was very effective. This is a declaration of war they said. Obviously government and media were at one with their indignation. It goes around the world.

But let's take a closer look at what Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said. ...'New York Times' ... dated 2005-10-30:

"They say it is not possible to have a world without the United States and Zionism. But you know that this is a possible goal and slogan... We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front? This would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime [Israel] has in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world."

It's becoming clear. The statements of the Iranian President have been reflected by the media in a manipulated way. Iran's President betokens the removal of the regimes, that are in power in Israel and in the USA, to be possible aim for the future. This is correct. But he never demands the elimination or annihilation of Israel. He reveals that changes are potential.

...To long for modified political conditions in a country is a world-wide day-to-day business by all means. But to commute a demand for removal of a 'regime' into a demand for removal of a state is serious deception and dangerous demagogy.

Marginally we want to mention that it was the former US Vice-Minister of Defense and current President of the World Bank, Paul D. Wolfowitz, who in Sept. 2001 talked about ending states in public and without any kind of awe. And it was the father of George W. Bush who started the discussion about a winnable nuclear war if only the survival of an elite is assured.

...the German online-news-magazine writes ...[as the translation of Ahmedinejad’s speech]: "There is no doubt: the new wave of assaults in Palestine will erase the stigma in countenance of the Islamic world." Instead of using the original word 'wave' they write 'wave of assaults'.

...The term 'map' to which the media refer at length does not even appear. Whereas the 'New York Times' said: "Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map" the version by MEMRI is: "Imam [Khomeini] said: This regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated from the pages of history."...- literally translated: from the arena of times. [Just as it was a legitimate desire to end apartheid.]

[And about the holocaust]

[From DPA (German)] 'the Western states devote their energy to the fairy-tale of the massacre against the Jews', Ahmadinejad said...

The Iranian press agency IRNA: ..."'If the Europeans are telling the truth in their claim that they have killed six million Jews in the Holocaust during the World War II - which seems they are right in their claim because they insist on it and arrest and imprison those who oppose it, why the Palestinian nation should pay for the crime...” Ahmadinejad said “some have created a myth on holocaust and hold it even higher than the very belief in religion and prophets."

"In the name of the Holocaust they created a myth." We can see that this is completely different from what is published by e.g. the DPA - the massacre against the Jews is a fairy-tale. What Ahmadinejad does is not denying the Holocaust. No! It is dealing out criticism against the mendacity of the imperialistic powers who use the Holocaust to muzzle critical voices and to achieve advantages concerning the legitimization of a planned war. This is criticism against the exploitation of the Holocaust.

...the reproach of denying the Holocaust cannot be sustained if Ahmadinejad speaks of a great and huge crime that has been done to the Jews.[and he does this in many occasions by saying things like "Our question is, if you have committed this huge crime, why should the innocent nation of Palestine pay for this crime?"]

In another IRNA-dispatch ...the Arabian author Ghazi Abu Daqa writes about Ahmadinejad: "The Iranian president has nothing against the followers of Judaism [...] Ahmadinejad is against Zionism as well as its expansionist and occupying policy. That is why he managed to declare to the world with courage that there is no place for the Zionist regime in the world civilized community."

...Dealing out criticism against the aggressive policy of the Western world, to which Israel belongs as well, is not yet anti-Semitism. We should at least give audience to this kind of criticism - even if it is a problematic field for us.

"Some western governments, in particular the US, approve of the sacrilege on the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), while denial of the >Myth of Holocaust<, based on which the Zionists have been exerting pressure upon other countries for the past 60 years and kill the innocent Palestinians, is considered as a crime' [...]"

The assertion that Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust thus is wrong in more than one aspect. He does not deny the Holocaust, but speaks of denial itself. And he does not speak of denial of the Holocaust, but of denial of the Myth of Holocaust. This is something totally different.

[Regarding the demonization of Ahmedinejad] And someone who is Hitler-like can assure a hundred times that he only wants to use nuclear energy in a peaceful way. Nobody will believe him. Somebody like Hitler can act within the scope of all contracts. Acting contrary to contract will nevertheless be imputed to him. "Virtually none of the Western states recognize that uranium enrichment is absolutely legal. There is no restriction by contract or by the law of nations. Quite the contrary: Actually the Western countries would have the duty to assist Iran with these activities, according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. As long as a state renounces the bomb it is eligible for technical support by the nuclear powers." But - all this does not count if the Head of a state is stigmatized as Hitler.

By the use of misrepresentation and adulteration it apparently succeeded to constitute the statements of the Iranian President to be part and parcel of the currently fought propaganda battle. It is our responsibility to counter this.

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A word about the water we drink

Few years ago I learned about the “new waters” that the Coca-cola company and likes started to sell. Since then where ever I go around the world I realize that these multinational corporations are doing their best to monopolize the drinking water market. What they do is buy the local water distributors and replace the water with their brand of water. They usually adopt a local name and write the name of the owner company in really small print. They make it sound like it is a local brand, such as Turkuaz in Turkey. But this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the waters they sell were healthy.

When they first appeared, they had to brand this water as “soft drink” because there was no regulations to brand well water as drinking water. But these companies ‘helped’ each country to change their laws to allow it do be branded as “distilled drinking water”. This is how they get away with it these days.

What is distilled water? When you want to make a soft drink or soda, it usually requires dissolving lots of ingredients in water. Spring water normally contains some minerals and there is a limit to the amount of, say, sugar that can be dissolved in spring water. If you want to put more sugar in it, for example to make cola, you have to take the minerals out of it in order to create that space. You only need H2O. You also do not need spring water. You can drill a well and distill it, which is vaporizing and re-liquefying, and thus taking all the minerals out of it. This way they can dissolve far more sugar in it than they could in spring water.

This process is like taking the light bulb out of its screw and changing it with a different bulb. But what happens if you do not replace the bulb and leave the screw open? The screw wants to unite with a bulb and attracts potential bulbs. In the case of distilled water, the open molecules of H2O attracts minerals to form a stable molecule. Have you ever heard that drinking only rainwater for a long time is depleting? This is what coca-cola water is like. It is to be used in car batteries, not for drinking. When you drink it, it goes into reaction with the minerals in your body. It becomes just like the normal water it once was. And you piss it out and thus loose minerals from your body.

Minerals are necessary for many vital processes in your body. Most importantly they help carry the electrical signals which are necessary for your neural transmissions. In other words, when you are lacking minerals you become less responsive, slower and more stupid. You get tired faster and you get headaches. This is also why we need to change that refined table salt (which consists of two minerals) with sea salt (which has up to forty-seven minerals). It is true that they add some minerals to these water to enhance the taste (although they do not write ingredients on the bottles although these are added ingredients) but still most of the molecules remain open to receive your minerals.

I don’t think this is a conspiracy to make everyone unhealthy. There may be some people who are rubbing their hands thinking of the health supplements they are going to sell to those people who drink this waters but I think it is mostly because of greediness and complete lack of respect to people’s health. We are told that this happens in capitalist societies. Many companies which produce soft drinks or even beer, already have a great supply of this distilled water and because of mass production they can sell it cheaper than spring water. And since we are told that “it’s ok” and we are not forced to drink it, they get away with it. But corporate monopolization is very strong and today there are areas where it is hard to find real water.

One big reason for this is that we didn’t realize or care at first. Nobody told us and since we are not health experts, we couldn’t know. Well, we are responsible for our own health, not the doctors, not “the experts”. We have the choice between real water or distilled water but we are responsible in making our choices wisely because that’s how we let this kind of unhealthy practices spread to people who are not aware. If we don’t make our choice for the spring water, even when it takes more energy to get to it, we let these companies monopolize the market to the point that there will be no more spring water to buy. We may choose not to care for our own health but we have a social responsibility to make our choices wisely because they effect many people. And this choice is ours.